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Looking to boost productivity with a bunch of healthy and active employees?

It can be a little tough but why not take the first step and let FitClub Singapore recharge their week with a lunch-time fitness program that is fun, easy, effective and hassle-free! Exercising during mid-day has proven to have a host of benefits.

Besides higher energy levels that boast better work efficiency, employees won't feel the pressure to put in extra time after work to exercise, aiding work-life balance.


FitClub Singapore utilises the Super Body, Super Brain fitness training system which has been proven to increase general health and fitness while increasing mental activity – something extremely important for any company fighting for their goals today.

"But won't we all be hungry if we exercise during our lunch break?"

The answer is simple! FitClub Singapore will be providing a healthy post-workout nutrition smoothie which will cater to all their dietary needs for lunch. For those with a bigger appetite, don't fret! Our program also includes fruits which participants can take as a snack should they feel peckish later in the afternoon.

Each program will consist of 12 sessions with every participant receiving a free shake-and-go-blender and weekly body analysis to track their progress.

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